What is Invest in Arizona?

Legislators passed three bills which undercut the will of 1.7 million Arizonans who voted to pass Prop 208 (the Invest in Education Act) in November 2020.

Learn why signing these three petitions will give all Arizonans the chance to decide whether these laws go into effect.

What is a Referendum?

The Arizona Constitution gives the power to the people to refer an act of the Legislature to the ballot and allow the voters to decide on the bill themselves. We have 90 days after the end of the Legislative session to collect a minimum 118,000 signatures. Three petitions are required as each represents a separate bill. Should the required number of signatures be gathered successfully, all Arizonans will then get the chance to vote on these measures in 2022.

Why Invest in Arizona?

Restoring hundreds of millions of dollars of funding cut by the legislature in June 2021 to solve the teacher shortage crisis, lower class sizes, add more aides and counselors, and expand career and technical education.

Preventing Arizona legislators from overturning the will of 1.7 million Arizona voters in a bait-and switch scheme to destroy Prop 208 by exempting their rich friends from paying taxes that Arizona voters passed.  

Ensuring Arizona invests in its schools and infrastructure, instead of handing nearly a billion dollars to millionaires in the form of massive tax cuts. Stronger schools mean a strong economy.  

Yes – Signing All Three is Critical. What They Do:

  1. Senate Bill 1827  
  • Decreases Arizona’s general fund by almost $500 million, and therefore cuts K12 spending by over $250 million per year. 

  • Ensures the wealthy pay less than their fair share in income taxes by capping the total income tax. 
  1. Senate Bill 1828  
  • Reduces state revenue by $1.9 billion by introducing a “so called” flat tax that gives the wealthiest Arizonans a $350,000 tax break.  

  • Benefits the wealthy. Most AZ families will not see any tax breaks or benefits. 

  •  A 2/3 majority of the Legislature or another initiative is required to reverse the flat tax, meaning this change is all but permanent. A referendum is the only real solution to prevent this damage to our economy.  
  1. Senate Bill 1783  
  • This bill is a direct attack on Prop 208 and the 1.7 million Arizona voters who passed it. It takes away around $300 million dollars of additional funding approved by Arizona voters just last year.  

  • It gives wealthy individuals a new loophole to use to avoid paying taxes. 

We need to refer all three bills to fully restore funding to our education system and other infrastructure.  Signing these petitions will help get these issues on the ballot so voters can decide in 2022 because this tax package clearly only benefits the wealthiest Arizonans. Here’s how it works: